Employment Support Scotland

Employment Support Scotland gives providers, regardless of sector, size or specialism, an equal voice in Scotland.

Employment Support Scotland gives providers, regardless of sector, size or specialism, an equal voice in Scotland.

Thank you to our new forum sponsor entitledto, leading provider of online benefit calculators in the UK today. 

As the UK’s leading provider of online benefits calculators, entitledto is proud to be sponsoring the Employment Support Scotland Forum this year. Employment service providers in Scotland are on the front line of helping jobseekers get back into work and their expertise is key to guiding people through the transition, including by showing how it will affect their benefits situation. We look forward to following the work of all providers across the nation.  


Chair Elections for Employment Support Scotland

We are pleased to announce your co-chairs for the ESS network have been officially appointed; 

Paul de Pellette, Chief Executive Officer, Triage Central and ERSA Board Member
Robin Turner, Chief Executive, Routes to Work and Observer on the ERSA Board representing delivery organisations in Scotland


Employment Support Scotland met on Friday 12 March
Watch again here

New forum sponsor's entitledto will provide some information from the UK Budget to include universal credit, the £20 uplift and Scottish Child Payment. 

Follwed by an interactive session to produce actions and recommendations for ERSA and ES Scotland members. The discussions will cover:

  1. UKSPF and the pilots
  2. Network of Network Commissioning Group recommendations
  3. ES Scotland recommendations and who we want to make them to
  4. Agenda items for future ES Scotland meetings

The next meeting is 7 May, 10am - 12pm and you can register in advance here. 

Catch up

Employment Support Scotland, 3 February
Meeting to discuss the Scottish Budget announced on 28 January with Scottish Government, DWP and Capita who have been awarded the JETS contract in Scotland. Watch again here

Scottish Budget Statement, 28 January
Watch in full here

Employment Support Scotland, 15 January
Watch the ERSA Scotland network for employment support providers who met online on 15 January 2021. The meeting heard conclusions and recommendation from the collaborative Network of Networks, David Eiser shared thoughts on the Spending Review and its implications for Scotland. The DWP team also joined for an update on future commissioning along with a Q&A. Watch again here

Read the latest bulletins

ESS Bulletin - 1 February

ESS Bulletin - 21 January

ES Bulletin - December 2020


Following the independence vote in September 2014, Westminster Government is delivering ‘devo max’ to Scotland, which includes giving control over employment services to the Scottish Parliament. ERSA's submission to the Smith Commission called for the devolution of outsourced employment services to also include devolving responsibility for Jobcentre Plus and in work benefits.  Currently, only outsourced employment services are to be devolved.

Given this changing landscape, it is vital that the providers of employment support services in Scotland are able to offer their expertise to help shape the design of future programmes, to ensure that the best possible services can be delivered to jobseekers and provide value for money for the taxpayer.  The Scottish Network believes there is a huge opportunity to commission more integrated services which bring together health, employment and skills in Scotland and is working towards this overall aim.

ERSA has led a series of consultation events feeding into the Scottish Government Consultation Creating a Fairer Scotland: Employability Support: A Discussion Paper

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