IPS Grow: Covid-19 Support

Due to the unprecedented nature of measures being taken by the Government in response to Covid-19, there are many new and developing implications for IPS Services.  We have produced this page to support IPS services which are still operating, as they consider the implications, and explore adjustments that will enable them to continue to support clients, work effectively as part of clinical teams, and maintain links with the wider community.  We will be adding to and updating this post as new information and resources become available, so please do check back regularly.

It is important to note that whilst we have produced this guidance, we recognise that each IPS service will have different levels of involvement in their Mental Health Trusts response to COVID-19 and some of these activities and suggested ways of working may not be possible. The following information is provided as suggested guidance only. We would encourage you to review your own organisation’s policies and protocols in the first instance.