This report is the ninth in a series designed to provide statistical information on the performance of the Work Programme.  It has been produced by the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), the sector body for those organisations delivering or with an interest in employment support services. More information on the employment support and ERSA can be found at All enquiries should be directed to / 020 3757 9415.

• 680,000 individual jobseekers have now entered employment via the Work Programme from its inception in June 2011 to end December 2014.  This compares to 639,000 people at end September 2014. This means that, over the last three months, 41,000 long term unemployed jobseekers gained some employment through the Work Programme. Figures showing the numbers of jobseekers referred to the programme to end December 2014 are classed as official data and will be released by the government on 19 March 2015.   

• Over 169,000 young people have now found at least one job on the Work Programme, up from 160,000 three months before.  This means that the Work Programme helped 9,000 young long term unemployed jobseekers gain some work between end September 2014 and end December 2014.  The majority of these will turn into sustainable jobs, while others will have gained crucial work experience which will help them with job search in future.

• Overall, 36,367 jobseekers on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) have now gained work though the programme.  Many of these jobseekers have complex barriers to work and will never have received intensive support before.