The ERSA Employer Engagement Forum was formed as part of ERSA’s collaborative project with Jo Ingold at Deakin University and Tony Carr of 4 Front Partners.

ReAct Partnership Research: Shared Employer Engagement ‘What Works’

Employer Engagement Forum | 19 May

  • ERSA and members were pleased to be joined by Derek Kilday and Jenny Driscoll from the DWP’s National Employer and Partnership Team.
  • ERSA set members a challenge for the next meeting, to bring examples of a provider working with the Jobcentre to fill an employer’s vacancies, even better if there is a skills offer too.

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The ERSA Employer Engagement Forum was formed as part of ERSA’s collaborative project with Jo Ingold at Deakin University and Tony Carr of 4 Front Partners. The aim of the Forum is to increase the effectiveness of employment and skills initiatives by improving business engagement by:

  • Influencing government and opposition parties about the importance of employers as a customer of employability and skills programmes
  • Influencing commissioners to take account of the demand-side (employers) at the very start of the commissioning process
  • Feeding in evidence and data to both commissioners and the employability sector
  • Exploring and mapping good practices where they already exist
  • Sharing good practice and resources to overcome challenges to business engagement

The first forum came together in April 2020, as the first ERSA Online meeting, our answer to lockdown.

Previous meetings; 

Watch part of the meeting in December 2020, Making Kickstart Inclusive
watch again (26 mins)

September 2020

Making first calls to new employers
Audrey Bodman, Expert Trainer, Outshine Telephone Training & Resources

Marks and Start after lockdown 
Leanne Rivett, Marks & Start Employability Manager, Marks and Spencer

ERSA and sector update
Elizabeth Taylor, Chief Executive, ERSA

19 August 2020 included updates on;

  • ERSA and Leeds University Business School employer engagement project
  • The Growth Company will reflect on their good practice employer engagement approach
  • Cognisoft will discuss the use of technology to inform good employer engagement

ERSA members can view slides and further information in the Members Toolkit.

Open to ERSA members and guests. ERSA members can sign up to the forum by registering for a future meeting or selecting ’employer engagement’ in their subscription preferences.

Forum members have been asked to consider the following points;

  • What would you like the Employer Engagement Forum to do for your organisation?
  • Please send us your suggestions for future speakers
  • Would you like to showcase the work of your organisation, or talk about a particular challenge?
  • Please also send us your thoughts about collaboration and co-opetition in commissioning

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