New in 2020, the ERSA Enterprise Works Forum brings together organisations in a community of good practice, to influence, shape policy, commissioning and delivery around self employment, social enterprise and entrepreneurship!

FE News Exclusive: Just the Job: What next for self-employment advice?

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Question: What skills, competencies and background should Business Advisers have?

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Note: ERSA won’t be delivering training we are feeding in info from our forum members.

The Enterprise Market (January 2021)

•Self-employment is at an all time high with almost 6m businesses in the UK

•There are 5.6m micro businesses (1-9 employees) in the UK, 17% of the workforce

•5m Self-Employed (not Limited companies), 15.3% of the workforce

•4.4m of these employ no-one else

•The FSB suggest that the number of UK self-employed might soon outnumber those working in the Public Sector

•Self-employment is outstripping growth in traditional employment at a rate of almost 3:1 – up from 3.2m in 2000

•Research agencies predict 1 in 5 being self-employed by 2025, or even 1 in 3 by 2030

•Covid/Recession impact could increase demand for self-employment support

The government-commissioned Deane Review states that self-employment accounted for nearly half of the increase in total employment since the 2008 financial crisis

Previous presentations, discussion points and further resources
(soon to be moved to the ERSA membership area which is currently under development)

  • A brief history of Self employment across main provision in the UK, Ian Carlier, Momentic and Suzanne Caldwell, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce – slides
  • Universal Credit and the minimum income floor, Deven Ghelani, Policy in Practice – slides
  • Labour Market Analysis focusing on he self-employed, Tony Wilson, Director, IES  – watch 

ERSA members and guests of the Enterprise Works Forum met on 28 January 2021 included introductions to our new chairs, a brief history of self employment in the UK and discussion on current provision, the latest implications around UC and the minimum income floor and an announcement around Business Advisers. Register for joining link here.

Co chair of the Enterprise Works Forum

Suzanne is Deputy Chief Executive of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce. She has worked in business support for over 20 years, initially with Business Link (including working on development of the national online offer) then joining the Chamber in 2007. She has run her own business and supported her husband in setting up and running businesses.

She developed the Chamber from the Carlisle Enterprise Agency into a successful, proactive support organisation for start-ups and existing businesses, operating throughout Cumbria and beyond, as part of this developing the Growth Hub concept, taken up by BEIS and rolled out nationally. The Chamber has delivered every round of NEA and successive start-up initiatives through ERDF programmes and working with local authorities.

Suzanne is passionate about start-up delivery by those with hands-on understanding of the challenges and joys, and supporting small organisations to implement the systems and processes needed to deliver DWP and similar contracts while retaining what’s special about being small.

Co chair of the Enterprise Works Forum

Ian is Managing Director of Momentic Limited and was previously Head of Partnerships at PeoplePlus, Enterprise Director at LearnDirect and the Business Development Director of the most successful Enterprise Agency in the West Midlands.

Ian has worked in enterprise development, self-employment start-up and business growth for over 25 years now. He has successfully developed, tendered for and implemented every DWP Flagship self-employment programme going back to Enterprise Rehearsal, New Deal Self-employment Option, through FND, WP and each round of NEA.

Ian works closely with the standards setting organisation SFEDI and has been consulted by, or consulted for DFE, MoJ, BEIS, LA’s and the Prime Minister’s Office on enterprise development and self-employment throughout this time.

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