For 2024, ERSA will be awarding the following categories:


Applications are welcomed for employment advisors, specialist staff and trainers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment working with their caseload, moving people in to work, into good jobs with opportunities for career progression and ensuring there is in-work support.


Applications are welcomed for inspirational managers who encourage and support their frontline teams to achieve excellent performance, benefitting customers and achieving performance against targets.


Applications are welcomed for employers who are working with employment support providers, creating good, sustainable jobs, that meet both the needs of the employer and their employees.


Applications are welcomed for a significant achiever, an exceptional jobseeker, who has shown determination and flexibility to achieve the right job for them, embarking on a career.


Applications are welcomed for employer engagement practitioners who demonstrate an understanding of both employers in the local labour market and the needs of participants.


Applications are welcomed for a delivery team or employment support organisation that can demonstrate success in reaching potential participants in local communities, bringing them on to provision and moving them in to good work.


Applications are welcomed for frontline teams who work together to support caseloads of those further from the labour markets, enabling people to achieve economic independence.


Applications are welcomed for teams and individuals that support front line services such as IT, service design and research. Those that are delivering cost effective solutions to improve performance.


Applications are invited from partner organisations that add value to employment support contracts, providing expertise in areas such as health, housing, training, finances and rehabilitation. Applications are also invited from referral organisations that introduce clients to employment support partners.


Applications are invited for initiatives that have delivered over and above requirements and that have provided exceptional value for money, both in terms of the public purse and value in communities.


Applications are invited for digital offers that enhance employment support, making it more accessible and inclusive, supporting and complementing the role of the advisor.


Applications are welcomed for programmes and initiatives that have demonstrated outstanding success in engaging and supporting young people. These interventions should effectively transition young people into meaningful employment, offering career opportunities and training that address the specific challenges faced by young jobseekers.


Applications are welcomed for innovative join-up between health and work. These can be programmes and specific interventions that enable individuals to secure and sustain employment. These solutions should address physical, mental, and emotional health barriers, promoting overall well-being and ensuring that participants are fit for work and can maintain good-work over the long-term.


Applications are welcomed for programmes and interventions that have shown excellence in supporting participants to advance in their careers. These initiatives should provide pathways for career progression, offering upskilling, training, and support that help workers move into higher positions with better pay and greater responsibilities.


Applications are welcomed for skills interventions that equip individuals with the skills needed for today’s job market. These initiatives should address skills gaps, provide vocational training, and ensure participants are job-ready, meeting the needs of both employers and the evolving workforce landscape.


Applications are welcomed for an exceptional individual who has dedicated a significant part of their career to the employment related services sector and has made a notable impact on the wider sector.


Applications are invited for an exceptional leader that contributes to the sector as a whole. An inspirational leader contributing to performance, innovation, commissioning and policy change. Shaping a fairer jobs market.


Share your story. Celebrate your achievements.

Entries close at 12 noon on 27th September 2024