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Aptem Employ

Aptem specialises in developing pioneering technology solutions for the employability, vocational training, and further education sectors. We have recently launched Aptem Employ, developed exclusively to support today’s employment challenges.  Aptem Employ combines a self-service jobseeker portal with powerful case management, to get high volumes of unemployed people back into the workplace, quickly and for the long-term.

Work coaches will have access to a system that allows them to manage their caseload by: producing a series of reports to help with prioritisation and targets; giving them a full view of their jobseekers activity (what they have applied for, when and the outcome); enabling coaches to meet with jobseekers remotely using Zoom; onboarding and managing jobseeker eligibility automatically. In addition, nudge technology will support them to influence jobseeker behaviour – allowing them to manage high caseloads.

Jobseekers will have access to a system that in real-time aggregates, deduplicates and matches virtually every job advert, so that they can manage their job search. They can create a highly marketable CV using the integrated CV builder and will also have access to a range of award-winning eLearning to help them retrain or develop their skillset. 

Aptem Employ is the employability platform built to support employability providers to put millions of jobseekers at the heart of their job search, giving them the ability to find purposeful work quickly, that they will remain in for the long-term.



Aptem Employ for outplacement:

Aptem Employ is the ideal, cost-effective, outplacement solution that can function both as a self-service resource or in combination with the advice and guidance provided by a consultant.

Aptem Employ can be offered by employers to individuals leaving their organisation. It can also be used by outplacement consultancies as their technology platform.

  • The full range of vacancy, CV building and advice guide resources enable effective job search.
  • With integrated Zoom, consultants and career coaches can additionally support clients with both webinars and 1:1 assistance.

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Aptem Employ for Kickstart

Considering delivering Kickstart but concerned about how you will provide evidence of job skills and job search?  For a one-off cost of £100 + VAT per person* the online Aptem Employ service will make this simple, enabling you to provide evidence of job skills and job search:

  • Quick and simple jobseeker onboarding
  • Integrated Zoom to enable you to support participants remotely during the placement.
  • Integrated reviews so you can offer pastoral support.
  • CV Builder to help participants secure employment when their placement ends.
  • Employability eLearning to maximise their career opportunities.
  • Ongoing job search, each day finding relevant jobs from just about every advertised vacancy in the UK.

Aptem Employ is delivered exclusively online, any can be accessed from any device, anywhere, any time.

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My name is Adam Garica and I look after our Aptem Employ clients. I would be delighted to hear from you:

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