Disability Inclusion: Creating a more inclusive culture at work

A definitive guide to disability inclusion in the workplace (May 2022)

With the transition to remote work opening up new opportunities to everyone, Ben has created this guide that walks businesses through every step in creating inclusive workplaces for employees with disabilities.


It covers a lot of important considerations, such as:

  • The laws in place to protect people with disabilities
  • The disability employment gap, its causes, and how it changes according to demographic groups
  • Practical steps to support disabled employees
  • How to build a more inclusive culture in the workplace

Here are just a handful of the insights we delve into:

  • Just 52.3% of disabled people are in employment. However, the number of disabled people in employment has risen 25,000 since last year.
  • The majority of employers (84%) believe disabled people make a valuable contribution to the workplace, with 76% welcoming disability training for all employees.
  • Disabled people are more likely to work in part-time or flexible roles – either due to preference or lack of access to full-time work. 31.4% of people with disabilities work part-time, compared to 23.1% of non-disabled people.
  • The increase in redundancies during the pandemic hit disabled employees especially hard. Between July and November, 2.1% of disabled people were made redundant, almost double the percentage of non-disabled employees.