Employability Day 2024 takes place on Friday 13 September

This year’s theme is: Employment Support for Every Citizen

Celebrating its ninth year, Employability Day 2024 promises to be the important one yet. Against the backdrop of social, political and economic changes, Friday 13th September, presents an opportunity for the whole sector to come together and showcase the impactful work on individuals and communities we’ve achieved over the past few years.

We’ve successful worked to keep long-term unemployment down, made strides to close the disability employment gap, and provided vital support to millions of people to overcome their barriers to work. Together, we have created a community of employability specialists all over the UK and have done the difficult job of keeping the labour market developing effectively even during times that are challenging.

This year’s theme is Employment Support for Every Citizen. Despite our huge strides as a sector, millions of people still want support to find work but can’t access it. However, as organisations and individuals we have the experience and solutions to overcome the challenges facing our labour market:

·       Getting people good jobs

·       In-work progression

·       Career changes

·       Returning to work

·       Linking up skills and employment

·       Employer engagement

·       Linking up health and employment

As we navigate upcoming cliff-edges of programmes and funding within the next 12 months, let’s utilise Employability Day 2024 to champion ourselves and campaign for sustained, long-term funding solutions that benefit providers, employers, and most importantly, the people we support.


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