ERSA is developing a national online resource to support the UKs jobseekers and learners


  • Phase 1 site launch TODAY: Employability Day, 30 April 2021
  • Free inclusion on the site of any funded employability or skills provision
  • Get involved: benefit from the UK’s only independent, multi-provider jobseeker site

WATCH A QUICK DEMO (42 seconds)

 ERSA is delighted to announce that phase one of the new Skills, Employment, Training and Help (SETH) directory launches today at The site is the only single source, digital platform in the UK which doesn’t require sign up or membership from jobseekers. Ultimately, it will enable any member of the public, or employability professional, to research and retrieve information on local support available via a postcode or topic-specific search. Read more here.

ASK SETH is The Skills, Employment, Training and Help Directory;

  • A National resource developed by ERSA to support the UKs jobseekers and learners.
  • A digital platform delivered through employability voices and a directory of signposted provision. 
  • A one stop toolkit of support for individuals of all ages on their journey towards and into good decent work with opportunities for progression and personal growth. 

What is ASK SETH? (28 second video)

What is the platform trying to achieve? (50 second video)

Ask SETH Information Session, 10 March (47.50 minutes video)

Ask SETH Live Demo Session, 21 April (31.26 minutes video)

ERSA is developing a new website, called ASK SETH, designed to engage and provide information to individuals seeking work and businesses looking for recruitment and training advice.  The purpose of the project is to accurately reflect the local employability services and organisations so that more people and businesses can access appropriate support in their area. One of the reasons for doing this is that services and organisations are not always well known by the public, jobcentres, referral organisations or businesses looking to hire staff.  This platform will be one way we address this as a sector.

The power of the website is in communicating messages through expert video testimonies alongside links to local service providers.  Please see here for an example for how a Cricket club use the site format to communicate information about mental health services in their area;

What we are asking for

The website is only as powerful as the information it contains, so we are looking for ERSA members to provide us with 2 main pieces of information.  Firstly, we would like delivery locations and where you have an office.  WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE FOOTPRINT of  your services – this is crucial in an ASK SETH user finding the appropriate local service. ASK SETH users will enter their town or postcode and the platform will list providers starting with the closest, so we need to know your geographical coverage.

Please provide your delivery locations, ideally as a link to your office locations, plus the contact number for that office/service. 

Secondly, we want to know what you would like your organisation/service to be known for.  For example, if you delivery specialist services to a particular demographic group, or deliver reasonable adjustment support, or anything else. To represent your specialisms, the ASK SETH content management system lists organisations within one main ‘category’ with supporting ‘tags’ to cover other specialisms.  This means an ASK SETH user will not overlook your organisation.

NB these can be changed at any point so don’t worry about committing to a category or tag
There are currently 10 categories on the ASK SETH website, we would like you to select the main one for your organisation.  If other categories are important to you, they can be added as tags so you won’t be misclassified.

The categories are;

  • Advice for Young People
  • Business Support
  • Job Seeking Advice
  • Skills and Training
  • Recruitment Agency
  • Care and Support
  • Career Advice
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kickstart
  • Mental Health
  • Older Workers

The tags can be anything, including any of the other category listings.  So, are there any of the category headings you think apply to your organisation as well?

Other tag examples could relate to the groups you support e.g. ex offenders, homeless people, ESOL and so on.  Please tell us what additional tags best represent what you do.  However, shorter tags are beneficial, so 2 words maximum as a guide.  Examples could be; self employment, changing careers, diversity training, but you tell us!

Download the ASK SETH information template, complete your details and return to Adam. 

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