Jane Knight, founder, Successful Mums Career Academy

It’s no secret that the perimenopause and menopause bring about hormonal and physical changes, and while the aging process is a privilege, it naturally has its challenges.

These transitions are widely known for their impact on physical health, sadly the effect they can have on mental well-being is often overlooked, yet 86% women[i] have suffered from mental health issues because of the perimenopause.

For mums who are juggling various responsibilities, the challenges of perimenopause and menopause can be particularly overwhelming. At Successful Mums Career Academy we have seen first-hand the mental health implications of these life stages, and the anxiety that mothers face, as more and more women come to us in their 40s and 50s.

Having worked with employers to introduce menopause policies, the positive impact of employers recognising, talking about, and acknowledging this point in a woman’s life, has been key to attracting and retaining women returners.

Mums in particular, often experience additional stress during perimenopause and menopause. Balancing the demands of career, family, and personal life can be challenging even without the added burden of hormonal changes. We find that the anxiety faced by mums often stems from concerns about aging, body image, and the fear of not meeting society’s expectations. Comparison is a natural part of human life, but at Successful Mums we show our learners how to focus on personal success. By staying in your own lane and making your health a priority, it supports your career and enables you to be a productive, and happy employee.

As a business that works closely with women returners, acknowledging the impact of these life stages and providing support is crucial to ensuring the well-being of mothers during this transition. At Successful Mums we are working, not just with mums to champion awareness, but also with employers so they can recognise symptoms in the workplace.

There are four strategies that we believe can help women through this challenging time:

By promoting awareness, encouraging self-care, fostering open communication, and offering professional support, we can help mothers navigate perimenopause and menopause with resilience and maintain their mental health throughout the journey and beyond. Their unique blend of expertise and fresh insights not only contribute to workplace innovation, but also foster a more inclusive and balanced work environment.

All too often women returners are undervalued, but with a calmer perspective, a wealth of life experience and diverse perspectives gained through career breaks, with the right support these women can really shine.  We are all Wonder Women in our own way.


About Successful Mums 

Founded in 2014, Successful Mums Career Academy is an award-winning specialist training company for mums. The company has supported thousands of parents to find flexible careers through free online training courses, coaching and qualifications. These include back-to-work and confidence courses, business start-up courses plus digital skills, coaching and mentoring, positive wellbeing, and autism awareness qualifications.   

Successful Mums brings together a network of like-minded women to support and plan their future flexible career. Women can lose direction and confidence after a career break, and Successful Mums is focused on breaking down the barriers that are preventing mums from returning to the workplace – confidence, career advice and childcare.   

Successful Mums also supports forward-thinking employers with free women’s wellbeing and menopause training and resources to help them embrace flexible working and diversity by encouraging returning mums and parents into their workforce. For more information visit www.successfulmums.co.uk 

[i] Survey of 2000 UK women aged 46-60 who have experienced perimenopause. https://healthandher.com/expert-advice/stress-anxiety/perimenopause-mental-health/