Employers, training providers, local authorities and similar organisations run programmes and support people in relation to travel. Handling large amounts of cash to reimburse for travel can be timely and takes a large amount of resource.

Arriva have developed a range of travel vouchers which are simple and easy to administer. Businesses can hold these in stock and simply pass to the users of Arriva services. The vouchers are simply exchanged on the bus for a relevant ticket. Businesses can obtain discounts on these tickets when bought in bulk.

Arriva have developed a range of partnerships through this offer, including DWP offices.

Heather Jones, Provision Manager for DWP, has worked with Arriva for a number of years on this solution and says, “The Arriva travel vouchers have helped a number of our clients throughout the years attend interviews, work experience and take their first steps into work. They are crucial for our front facing staff to utilise as a resource. Not only that, the process is easy and cuts down massive amounts of administration time involved in dealing with cash handling.”

Further information kindly shared by Arriva can be found in a shared resources fil here (dropbox)