Coronavirus blog: Priorities to keep people in work and get money to those out of work

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Tony Wilson from the Institute of Employment Studies provides practical solutions to keep people in paid work whilst also helping people into work. Follow @tonywilsonIES to continue the conversation on Twitter. Good to see serious debate now on how we support those losing money and jobs due to covid-19. Top two priorities must be to keep people […]

Will Labour really ‘scrap’ Universal Credit?

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A few days ago, Jeremy Corbyn announced that ‘Labour will scrap Universal Credit’ if they win the next general election. Calling it ‘inhumane and cruel, driving people into poverty and hardship’, Corbyn said he would ‘introduce an emergency package of reforms’. He promised to bring in a new system ‘based on the principles of dignity […]

Universal Credit: statistics and public policy


Over the last week, Universal Credit has been the subject of two major debates in Parliament called by the Opposition reflecting mounting concern over the way it is being introduced across the country in order to replace six other working age benefits, known as ‘legacy’ benefits. A government consultation on what statistics it should publish […]