ERSA held a Work Programme, Parliamentary breakfast briefing in Westminster to coincide with the release of DWP Work Programme statistics on 27 June 2013.

The briefing event, hosted by member of the Public Accounts Committee, Guto Bebb MP, provided an overview of ERSA Work Programme data and gave MPs, including Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee Dame Anne Begg MP and members of both the Welsh Affairs Committee and the Work and Pensions Select Committee the opportunity to discuss the programme with providers and to meet first-hand with jobseekers and front line advisers.

Following the event ERSA circulated briefings to attendees, and additional parliamentary stakeholders, outlining Work Programme performance statistics and, where relevent, outlining performance in individual constitunencies. These briefings ensured that MPs and Peers were provided with acurate, contextual, infomation on which to inform their future public comments, and conversations, with constituents regarding the Work Programme.