“David Ralph at Excaliber Security Services creates a big family environment.”


Excaliber Security Services Ltd was started by David Ralph and is an equal opportunities employer. David has faced his own challenges in the past and his personal experiences have shaped his company’s recruitment process. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance. David is interested in a candidate’s heart and morals rather than just concentrating on previous experience as many of his employees had been long term unemployed before joining Excaliber. His personal philosophy is that individuals can achieve if given the opportunity, the right support and training.


Excaliber Security Services has worked with Papworth Trust, a leading disability charity, since June 2019 and their productive partnership has resulted in 19 individuals finding work with the company.

The referrals were through the Work and Health Programme and often involved people who had limited employment experience due to managing health issues or lack of progress with their education or skills training.

David Ralph approaches his recruitment process by looking at what a person has the potential to achieve rather than what they cannot do. Excaliber seeks to build on the motivation and skills that each new employee possesses.

To support his inclusive recruitment policy, David has devised a two tier structure for his staff. Steward level is tier one, which involves attendance at such events as firework displays, festivals, sporting events and undertaking crowd control. Staff on this tier are encouraged and supported to study and take NVQ Level 1, 2 and 3 in event stewarding.

The second tier involves staff gaining their Security Industry Authority (SIA) badge and working as licensed security guards or door supervisors. David spends time with each employee and identifies where they will be best placed and how to appropriately support them.


“The night before an event David invites his event staff to camp at his compound so that they are all together and ready to go in the early hours of the morning. David’s wife cooks dinner for everyone, and they provide staff vouchers to enable employees to have free food during the event.

“Excaliber goes far beyond other employers to assist people by providing a minibus where possible to help staff get to their place of work and events. He creates a big family environment.”

Kulbir Singh, Business Development Manager, Papworth Trust


Excaliber’s winning entry is an approach to recruitment and staff development that captures those individuals who have much to contribute, but are often overlooked in the normal recruitment process. David Ralph’s own experiences fuel his belief that people need to be given the opportunity to develop and progress. He has achieved something remarkable and has attained the gold standard for an inclusive employer.