“Claire is a great example of what can happen when jobseekers are given access to high quality and life changing provision.”

Recognising a specific jobseeker who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to overcoming barriers to enter and maintain work. Kindly sponsored by Fedcap. 


Recro Consulting operates throughout the UK and has expertise in personal and professional development linked with recruitment, training, change and consultancy. Their clients range from government departments including DWP, local authorities, schools, and further education establishments, to housing associations, businesses, and the voluntary sector.

Recro Consulting runs its special programme called The Life You Want for people, many with limited skills and employment history and other barriers such as low self-confidence. More than 99% of participants who complete the programme, gain valuable insights on the recruitment process and what employers want and need. When measured over a 12 month period, between 50 – 80% of job seekers moved into sustainable employment.


Claire is a single mum in her thirties who attended The Life You Want programme and despite having no employment history, landed her dream job of working with school children with special educational needs (SEN).

Her journey towards employment began when Recro Consulting recommend that Claire attend their programme. As The Life You Want progressed, Claire learnt more about skill competencies, CVs, job searches, presentations, and interview techniques.

Claire also revealed that her secret ambition was to work with children with SEN. She understands the challenges faced by both youngsters and parents as two of her children have been diagnosed with SEN.

Research into work opportunities soon revealed that there was a shortage of support staff and teachers in the SEN sector. Claire’s action plan involved attending a school to gain SEN work experience and she was offered paid employment as a dinner lady with the view that she would undertake a SEN apprenticeship. Claire made good progress and was eventually offered a contract that provided 18 hours a week of SEN support work.

Since then she has completed several training courses and has passed her Makaton sign language course. Claire has now accepted a new contract that has increased her SEN employment to 31 hours a week.


“We’re absolutely delighted that Claire won this award. Claire is a great example of what can happen when jobseekers are given access to high quality and life changing provision. Claire isn’t a one-off; this is possible across the country. Facilitating it to happen more often, and at scale, requires a shift in mind set and behaviours which will transform the system, improving social mobility, society and the economy.”

John McDonough, Managing Director of Recro Consulting

“I am so proud of the year I’ve had. Thanks to Recro, I’m going to live the life I want!”

Claire, Significant Achiever of the Year


Single mum Claire’s story is inspirational. Her success shows what can be achieved with the right encouragement and practical support that is available on this outstanding programme. Gaining employment benefits not only the individual, but our wider society. Well done Claire on your success.