Charlie Williamson has Aspergers and had never had a job. He was referred to Work Choice and supported by Autism West Midlands.

Charlie loves cricket and prior to being referred to Work Choice, had decided to do a sports coaching course. However, he found it difficult, perticularly with directing people and subsequently failed the course.

Autism West Midlands used their expertise to explore Charlie’s interest in cricket. They discovered that he enjoys watching cricket but not being involved and that his interest was for the scoring system and how this worked. Through discussion this highlighted that Charlie liked figures and the process behind the numbers. Autism West Midlands helped Charlie find a job with a local credit union, going through numbers and putting them in order.

Autism West Midlands are one of Advance Employment’s Work Choice partners, delivering services on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions.

For more information, please contact Marie-Claire Berreen, External Relations Manager, Advance Employment 07860 408813/