Despite almost insurmountable challenges from her childhood, mental health conditions, abusive relationships and a lack of trust in the ‘system’, with support from Mencap Charlotte has gradually defeated every barrier to employment and secured a job helping others as a support worker. 

Charlotte has been able to speak out during visits made by the Minister for Employment around issues she has faced and how she has overcome these challanges. During this visit she spoke passionately and responsively and was able to control any potential anxieties that could have arisen. In recongnition of her achievement Charlotte was shortlisted for the ERSA Significant Achievement Award.

Her advisor has been able to see the change in Charlotte’s confidence as well as being extremely complimentary of the engagement shown by Charlotte. Charlotte wanted to change her life for the better and has been able to achieve this through determination and the support of her Work Choice advisors. 

For more information please contact CDG-WISE Ability on 0300 247 2432.