Faheema moved to the UK from India in October 2021 and came to GRoW to help her understand how to get a job after a gap of 10 years to raise her children.

Faheema said: “Since joining the GRoW Programme in July I have gained so much knowledge and confidence.  I had no idea how to start looking for a job in the UK and was really shy too.  I needed some help to point me in the right direction and show me the way.  In India, I worked in IT and then as a teacher but I have not worked in over 10 years and was not sure of what skills I might need to start work here.

GRoW have been so helpful for me.  I have taken advantage of all of their workshops so I could learn how to get ready for work.  At the Job Searching Workshop I have learned all about the different job sites I can access to find jobs and apply for them.  At Sonia’s CV Workshop she has worked with me to look at ways I can fill the employment gap and I am now doing an online IT course which will help me upskill and reach my goal of working back in the IT sector again.

I also went to the Preparing to Work in Schools Programme which was really interesting as it helped me understand the different things I could do to help me improve my skills and get noticed by an employer.  One of the most useful sessions for me was the Interview Workshop as it taught me a lot about the right phrases and words to use when responding to questions and also it taught me a lot about body language and how to make a good impression.  I am also doing the Mindful Parenting course at the moment which is really useful, not just in how to support me to parent in a more mindful way but to teach me new skills that help me as a mother and woman too.

I am really clear now about what work I want to do and how I am going to reach my goal.  I am currently looking for admin jobs and I have learned how to write cover letters to go with my job applications so they are tailored to the jobs I am interested in.  I am doing my IT course and I feel that once I have a job in admin I will be able to get some work experience under my belt and then start looking for jobs in IT.

GRoW has really helped set me on a path to where I want to be and that in itself is a huge achievement which has really given me a lot of confidence in myself.”


Belina specialises in supporting women with complex barriers to employment.

Our unique approach motivates them to get ready for work through cost effective, community based, voluntary programmes. We have strong retention rates, and a strong record of supporting women to stay in work piloting new ways of measuring progression into work.
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