Andrius has joined Wise Steps in July 2020, after his employment has finished due to COVID19, he has been referred to ICOS by a friend who has recommended Wise Steps programme to himAt first Andrius was unsure about what he wanted to do and was looking for support in the right direction. 

Andrius has many goals which he wants to achieve, and he did not want to go back to working in production, he was ready for a change of career. But he was still quite unsure if he wanted to find employment quickly or do some courses to further improve his personal development and then look for a better employment opportunity. After a long conversation with his coach and exploring his options, he decided that he would like to gain some qualifications which would help him find a good employment opportunity. 

Firstly, we have applied for Universal Credit for Andrius which has helped him financially, registered him onto a CSCS course which Andrius was really interested in attending and referred him to do functional skills to do Maths which would also help him with finding a job within the construction industry. 

Andrius has now completed his CSCS course and continues to study Maths functional skills, the next step for Andrius will be registering with job searching websites and looking for a better employment opportunity with support from ICOS.