Dorota (not her real name) is Portuguese and in December 2020, approached ICOS because she wanted to set up her own business. The main difficulties encountered by Dorota, were that she did not know where to start as she had no experience and no funds, she approached ICOS because she had heard from some friends of hers that ICOS offered to people who want to become self-employed and set up their own business.

An appointment was arranged with Monika, the Senior Project worker, to talk to her through the various options available and the tools she could use. Monika discussed with Dorota the help available because Dorota specified she wanted to set up her own catering business and wanted to know what help and support ICOS could provide. With the help of ICOS help was provided in distributing leaflets of her catering business in community centres and churches in Tyne and Wear. Monika also advised Dorota to undertake a Level 2 Food Safety course and whether she needed any support with completing the course as it was vital that she passed the course. In the meantime, Dorota acquired a business partner, who helped her cook the meals, setting up a business plan and setting a budget for expenditures. Dorota was happy with the help that she received and invited Monika, the Senior Project worker to a degustation event and this helped Dorota in receiving more likes and positive comments on her social media page. In April 2021 she exited the Community Led Local Development (CLLD) project.