Pawel, (not his real name) is Polish. In January 2021, he approached ICOS asking for help and support because he was looking for work. Pawel had been a previous client of ICOS because Monika carried out a review of jobs available and she posts these out to potential clients of ICOS, once a week.

ICOS scheduled a face-to-face appointment in January 2021 with Monika, his project support worker at ICOS, who helped him complete his registration and Personal Assessment tool. Pawel faced a transport barrier, when applying for jobs because in his previous role he had to travel to Washington by bus because his car had broken down; the daily commute would take four hours per day and created a significant barrier to employment. ICOS helped him write a CV and In the meantime,

Pawel went to a recruitment agency to apply for a possible job in Washington and in February 2021, ICOS helped him write a CV and helped him send it, to a company in Washington as the client was looking for a job. He received further help and support in registering with an employment agency as they were looking for staff manufacturing PEE equipment.

Monika helped and supported Pawel upload his CV and other relevant documentation and online signing of documents. Pawel was offered the job and attended the induction; he did not take up the job because it was too far from his home, and he was still relying on public transport. However, Pawel was successful in securing employment in Newton Aycliffe, working for a food processing company and was exited from the programme in 2021.

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