Robert is originally from Poland and has been long term unemployed due to health problems. Robert was referred to ICOS on the Wise Steps Programme through the jobcentre, Robert felt that he was not getting any support from the JCP, and he needed to refresh his training.

After attending his initial appointment, he felt a lot more positive and motivated, Robert was accepted on Wise Steps in February 2020. He had no major problems with his English, but he felt that his confidence has been quite low due to the problems he was experiencing with employment and health, but he was very motivated to refresh his qualification for a CSCS badge, with support from his coach Robert has finally managed to complete his course and got his certificate from City & Guilds. Robert also got support with updating his CV and registration for job agencies which helped him to apply for jobs. Robert took part in many online courses which improved his qualifications, CV and significantly boosted his confidence. It helped him to better his English and digital skills. Without the Wise Steps Programme, he would not be able to do these courses because of the low income. Robert also had a plan to move to Glasgow because he felt that he stuck in a place where he lived. His coach helped him to plan a journey to Glasgow and find organisations which could support him in Scotland. In the end, Robert did not move to Glasgow because he found a job in his town. Thanks to Wise Steps Programme support he could buy new clothes for his new job. Robert feels that the support he has received from Wise Steps Programme has been excellent and whenever he has a problem or is struggling with something he knows he can turn to ICOS for help.