AT has joined Wise Steps in November 2020; he has come from Romania quite recently and needed to find employment in the UK fast as he had no income and was not eligible for benefits in the UK. His English language was communicative, but he has struggled with speaking in English confidently, so AT was I referred to take part in English lessons with ICOS to help him improve on his speaking skills.

At our first appointment we created a CV, registered on certain job searching websites and with various job recruitment agencies. AT had very limited job experience, his only work experience was working on self-employment basis in Romania, but he wanted to try applying for jobs within production and warehouse setting in the UK.

Together, we have looked into courses and training which would be beneficial for the participant, and which would improve his chances of finding employment within this sector. We have registered him onto Level 2 Food Safety course for manufacturing and the participant has completed it within a day.

We have spent some time with applying for multiple jobs in food production sector, manufacturing and warehouse operative roles and sent off CVs to potential employers. AT had been invited to 2 job interviews, after trying his best at both interviews, AT finally got offered a position of a production operative within the food production sector. AT also received help with purchasing work safety boots for the start of his employment.

AT was grateful for the help he had received, and he was really pleased that he managed to find employment so fast with our support.