Jennifer,44, from the West Midlands, was unemployed for two years. She was struggling to get back into work due to a variety of personal problems leading to depression, alcohol dependency and low confidence levels. Jennifer and her work broker at EOS, worked together to develop Jennifer’s CV and improve her interview technique, as well as helping her with practical issues, such as setting up an e-mail account. Her work broker also helped her with job searches to boost her confidence. Jennifer received support to achieve a seamless transition into employment. EOS provided her with a bus pass, vouchers towards buying work clothes and support with managing the transition from welfare benefits into managing a wage. Jennifer secured a work trial at a local sandwich house, arranged by her work broker, which was close to her children’s school. Jennifer did well in her work trial and was offered a permanent position. 

Jennifer said: “I finally have my confidence again and feel as though my life is back on track.”

For more information, please contact Rav Jagdev, Marketing and Communications Officer, EOS, 0121 713 4610/