Shak, 23, West London, had been on and off benefits for almost three years. He left school without any qualifications and did not do any further courses. Whilst unemployed Shak was constantly applying for vacancies. Time and time again he didn’t receive any feedback, which was extremely frustrating. Shak joined the Work Programme at Reed in Partnership and was introduced to his dedicated Adviser who immediately put Shak forward for a job vacancy she had agreed to fill for a local branch of Costa Coffee. Shak’s advisor helped him to create an excellent application and understand the role. Shak was given a work trial in the coffee shop a few days later. Shak impressed at the trial and started work as a Barista the next day – just five days after he joined the Work Programme at Reed in Partnership.

“The best thing about the job is the people I work with at Costa, they make the day go by in a flash and I’m now able to use my free time to enjoy myself. I never want to go back on the dole.”

For more information, please contact Hanna Lewis, Communications & Marketing Manager, Reed in Partnership, 0207 708 6063.