Tiah, from Bradford, came to the city of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, looking for help with finding an apprenticeship or a job.

When Tia first came in she was extremely shy and nervous and it was found that her academic levels of Maths & English were low. Tia’s advisor decided that it would be beneficial for Tia to join Bradford Council’s ‘pre apprenticeship programme’. This would help her gain confidence and experience before starting an actual apprenticeship. Following the programme, Tiah was successful in gaining an apprenticeship in business administration level 2 for the same department. When her Apprenticeship came to an end, a job was advertised within Transactional services, which Tiah was working in during her Apprenticeship. Tiah went for it with help from Bradford Council and managed to get the job.

For more information please contact Accredited Learning Services (Bradford Council)  01274 433592.