Policy briefing: Job guarantee and rotation – a way towards an inclusive labour market?

Job guarantee and rotation: a way towards an inclusive labour market? A policy briefing by Professor David Etherington, Staffordshire University and Elizabeth Taylor, Employment Related Services Association (July 2022) There is a view that ‘official’ unemployment rates mask a substantial hidden unemployment according to researchers from Sheffield Hallam University. They argue that the substantial increase in […]

Thought Leadership: Way to Work – why ‘half a million get jobs in under six months’ is either woefully poor, meaningless or plain wrong… a story in six charts!

Original twitter thread by Tony Wilson, Director, IES here in response to government’s press release ‘Half a million benefit claimants get jobs in under 6 months’. See also Elizabeth Taylor’s response in January Way to Work: “Any job now” is no solution to UK labour crisis.  ‘Way to Work’ – why ‘half a million get jobs in […]