The Employment Support GM was set up to enable employment support providers and the ten local authorities that make up Greater Manchester (GM) work together and shape the future of employment related services and influence what comes next. The 2014 Devolution Agreement with Government gives the region additional powers, and greater accountability through an elected mayor. The mayor chairs the GMCA and was first elected by Greater Manchester voters in May 2017. ERSA’s Greater Manchester Network aims to ensure successor employment support programmes for GM are effectively designed, commissioned and delivered in the best possible way.

Employment Support Greater Manchester

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Watch on demand (1 March 2022)

Thank you to those that joined us online on 23 November.  Below you’ll find the recording, if you don’t have time to watch in full, we’ve included (in brackets below) where each segment starts.

Watch on demand (23 November 2021)
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  • Welcome, introduction and overview of the meeting 
    Greg Bate, National Strategic Partnership Manager – Employability and Health, Seetec Pluss
  • ERSA update (3 minutes)
    Elizabeth Taylor, Chief Executive, ERSA
  • GMCA update (6.30 minutes)
    Download the slides
    Sharon Weetman, Senior Project Manager ESF, GMCA
  • DPS2 Update (20.30 minutes)
    Adele Bryan and Kathryn Johnston, DWP
  • MMU Research Programme (30 minutes)
    Dr Katy Jones, Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Prince’s Trust: Youth Provision in GM (42.45 minutes)
    Laura Whitehurst, Head of Operations and Simon Campbell, Senior Head of Partnerships (England), The Prince’s Trust
  • Manchester Activity Hub (57 minutes)
    Affy Rasheed, Interventions Alliance
  • Virtual roundtable (1.17 minutes)Download the slides

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The ERSA Team