“I passionately believe that good quality employment support can be transformative.

“By exploring a whole range of factors, we’re able to get to the heart of the challenges that people face around work.”

Recognising a front-line manager or team leader who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to leading their frontline team to excellent performance and customer achievements. Kindly sponsored by Triangle


In 2019 the local authority embarked on a mission to create a more inclusive economy in which nobody was left behind. Working closely with communities and local businesses, it undertook research to understand its residents’ lived experience of the welfare system, local services, and employment support. Heavily inspired by Julia Marcus’s work in Somers Town, a new human centred design approach was developed – Good Work Camden – which draws on the values of being accessible for all, relational and collaborative.


Julia worked in Somers Town, a high unemployment ward in Camden, to develop a council-backed service which facilitated greater collaboration between local providers; supported employers to recruit locally; and made a range of complementary services available to residents in one location.

She prioritised getting to know the local community and organisations fundamental to them by employing and training residents as community researchers. She employed local people, based on a belief that a service delivered in part by local people is likely to be better-paced to support residents.

She joined the local authority in 2019, tasked with leading a new Gospel Oak job hub, utilising the experience and insight of Somers Town to inform service design.

The job hub provides support to anyone that needs it, offering interconnected support services, workshops, and events.

Prior to Covid-19, Julia was active in the area, meeting residents and building relationships. More recently, she has used her experience to develop new tools and processes, all online-ready.


“Julia is driven by a fundamental belief in good work as a determinant of a good life. She has supported hundreds of Camden residents into work and simultaneously applies her knowledge and expertise to service design as a service lead.”

Tom Baines, Employment Strategy Manager at Camden Council

“It was an honour to present Julia with her (virtual) award. Through her dedication, Julia has created a unique and individual approach to involving her local community to design a service. She is a very worthy winner of this important award.”

Graham Randles, Managing Director, Triangle

“I was so lucky to meet Julia and the other amazing people at Somers Town job hub. It changed my life for the better. Keep up the good work.”

Local participant


Julia’s belief in understanding and responding directly to local need is paramount in effective employability support. The hub model she championed provided a foundation for Good Work Camden, offering uplifting, inclusive and joined-up employability support for residents, delivered in the heart of the community. Her personable, open and inventive approach clearly shapes the teams she leads and has directly, and indirectly, delivered successful outcomes for hundreds of local people.