The DWP want your help to support small to medium sized employers who want to get involved in the Kickstart Scheme. A published list of organisations who are interested in supporting small and medium size businesses and charities who have fewer than 30 jobs to offer is planned. The list can be used by this group of employers to find suitable intermediary organisations who can support their application.

About intermediaries

To attract and support the wide range of employers that will make the Kickstart Scheme a success, we need the local and sector-specific knowledge of organisations that are willing to act as intermediaries to employers to access the Kickstart Scheme. We also know many smaller organisations may lack expertise or resource to deliver support to a young person at risk of long term unemployment to help them build their skills.  

Role of the intermediary

  • Collate and submit details online about the job placements employers are offering – later passing on further details to enable work coaches to refer the right young people to the jobs
  • Receive payments made by DWP and pass on relevant payments (e.g. wages) to employers
  • Use your expertise and knowledge to encourage employers to create good quality job placements
  • Provide employment support directly to young people on the Scheme

What you’ll get

  • You will be paid £300 per young person placed in a Kickstart Scheme job.
  • If you provide support for young people in Kickstart Scheme jobs you can be paid to do so (a proportion of the £1500 ‘set up costs’ component of the grant, per young person, to be agreed between yourself and the employers you choose to work with).

Why become an intermediary?

  • You will help young people get into work
  • You will be bringing jobs and funding to your area or sector at a difficult time
  • You will be able to support employers in your network to access Kickstart Scheme funding and support economic recovery
  • You can build new networks and/or attract new members

If you are interested in participating as an intermediary, and are happy for the DWP to publish your contact details online, please return this completed form to by 4pm on 16 September 2020. 

Access the Expression of Interest here (dropbox)

You are welcome to request to add your details to the online list at a later point, but this is the last opportunity to be added before the list goes ‘live’. We reserve the right to remove your details from the list if your inclusion is no longer deemed suitable.

Please note, this form is not an application to become an intermediary nor an application for the Kickstart Scheme. Returning this form does not commit you to later apply to the Kickstart Scheme.