We need effective collaboration and integration of our members’ services with those delivered at a local level by local authorities, their supply chains and social housing providers.

Local authorities and their supply chain

​Effective co-ordination between local authorities, their supply chain and welfare to work providers is crucial in helping jobseekers into employment. There are examples of effective collaboration, for example by pooling together Work Programme funding and Community Budget funding to reduce worklessness, but ERSA is keen to work with others to ensure there is a more coordinated approach.

Social housing providers

ERSA is working in partnership with the National Housing Federation (NHF) to strengthen relationships between employment related services providers and housing associations. 

Both ERSA and the NHF believe that the case for closer relationships has never been stronger. First, a significant number of the long-term jobseekers supported by employment providers are likely to live in social housing.  Second, the welfare reform agenda, including the changes in housing benefit entitlement creates a powerful dynamic for social housing providers to help their tenants enter and sustain employment. 

ERSA and the NHF are holding their third joint conference later this year and have recently launched a new Housing and Employment Forum open to members of both organisations.