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Within the employability sector scalability matters – and so too does timing!

So, in response to current circumstances, we’ve decided to make our employability solutions platform, ‘Create Your Own Future,’ available to everyone, for free.

Saffron Interactive – Digital employability support  

Digital employability support tools are able to deliver consistency and efficiency for the provider but can also deliver an enhanced experience for the individual and act as a positive driver for change.

Leveraging digital within your employability service can provide scale, increase performance outcomes and reduce cost.

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The Create Your Own Future platform

Saffron’s cutting-edge employment support platform, Create Your Own Future, helps participants through the journey back to work and/or in developing a long-term sustainable career. The platform features an artificially intelligent (AI), video-based work coach to guide and personalise the participant’s experience; aligning their skills, interests and strengths to matched job profiles as well as guiding them towards free Levels 1 and 2 skills training.

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Goal setting and an action plan, together with thoughtful behavioural nudges from the coach, coax the participant towards goal completion and employment outcomes, when their confidence or activity drops.

To find out more and view a quick video of the user’s experience visit our employability portal.

Working with providers

The system is designed to work alongside live, one-to-one interventions, though it can be used stand-alone. The platform can be customised to help advisors and their clients, filling the gaps between live 1 to 1s and offering 24-hour support for those who need it most.

Capturing over 300 data points per user, advisors can see individuals progress and received “at risk” alerts so they can target their interventions. That “big data” also delivers a mass of insights for analysis, measuring outcomes and continual service improvement.

For the future, we envision refining, adapting and developing the platform in partnership with like-minded people and organisations who are committed to developing solutions for the good of all in our community. So please reach out with any feedback, comments, thoughts or suggestions.

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