Employability Day is an opportunity to increase public awareness about employment support and drive understanding across key stakeholders. We want people to see the positive impact of high quality support in the local community.

Big picture

1. Employment support helps people to gain, sustain and progress in work. This is an opportunity to articulate what your organisation and the wider sector does to support local people. Employment support services include CV writing, skills training, work placements, health and wellbeing services, housing support, guidance, money advice and much more.

2. Employment support helps close the gaps between groups. Despite strong top line employment figures, there are significant employment disparities between groups if you dig below the surface. This year, we want organisations like yours to demonstrate how they are closing the gaps by supporting people from disadvantaged communities.

3. Investment in employment support can help build a more inclusive and productive society after Brexit. This is a chance to make the case for good quality employment support after Britain leaves the EU. Employment services can help address skills shortages and diversify workforces. This is particularly pertinent now as Britain will lose access to the European Social Fund after Brexit, a vital source of income for organisations delivering employment support programmes (see the note on the ESF below).

Local picture

4. Employment support has a positive impact on your local community. This is the perfect occasion to shout your achievements, including how many jobseekers you’ve supported into work this year, or how many employers you’ve helped meet their recruitment needs. Make sure to highlight your successes using case studies and programme data (if available). Find ONS labour market statistics here and unemployment by constituency here.

5. Employment support transforms the lives of individuals. We are all working to help people secure good quality, sustainable employment and a better future, for themselves and their local communities. It’s a great chance to highlight case studies that show the impact of your work on individuals and their families – personal stories always have a big impact!

The European Social Fund (ESF)

If your organisation or partners run programmes funded by the ESF, please use Employability Day to demonstrate their importance. The ESF provides crucial investment in employment and skills support for the most vulnerable groups. It is vital we highlight its success to make the case for a world-leading successor initiative after Brexit. The government has committed to replacing EU funding, but we still need to work together to safeguard investment in employment and skills and ensure there is no loss of funding for disadvantaged groups. For more information, please visit www.dev.ersa.org.uk/futureESF