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100 Women Speak

The GRoW Lockdown Survey

26 June 2020 Employability Day 2020

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We asked 100 Women on the GRoW programme what Lockdown had meant for them and how it will affect their return to work.

All are long term unemployed mothers, looking to go back to work

  • Half said that lockdown had actually improved their confidence.
    Only 22 said they had lost confidence
  • 46 said They were more likely to work because of Lockdown
    Only 26 said they were less likely to work
  • A quarter now wanted to work from home
    A third had Improved their I.T. SKILLS during Lockdown
  • 34 had decided to embark on a new career
  • 46 said lockdown was a positive experience for them and their Families,
    whilst 18 said it was very difficult.
  • Childcare is still seen as the biggest barrier to work
    but 61 felt it was still too early to open schools

Liz Sewell, Director of the GRoW Programme said at the launch Coffee Morning Zoom:

This survey shows that Lockdown has been a turning point for many women, and that they want to look at how they can get back to work and have more flexible ways of working. Many want to start training now. GRoW has established an online community and the lockdown online training programme to help them move forward


Award Nomination The GRoW Team has been Nominated by G4S for the 2020 Team of the Year at the national employability awards organised by ERSA.