The GLA have launched a £500k funding opportunity for the Mayor’s ESF Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) Hounslow. This project will help people living and working in Hounslow to gain skills, find jobs and improve their career prospects in the creative industries. It will also seek to diversify the creative workforce.

As of 17 August. the application deadline has been changed to 12:00 noon Monday 13 September 2021. In addition, Version 2 of the Application Form was published on 17 August 2021. It includes the following updates:

  • Part B (viii) – has been updated to allow bidders to confirm the boroughs the Participants will come from for both the ‘Into work’ and ‘In work progression’ strands of the project.
  • Part C Q.1.6 ‘Supporting Participants to sustain a positive outcome’ was omitted in the original Application Form, this has now been inserted.
  • The numbering of questions between 1.6 -1.10 were out of sync, these have now been updated. 

Find out more, and apply, here.