With the sector ERSA has worked on the response to make Kickstart a success – by developing Gateways, employment opportunities, wrap around support and building a community of good practice through our forum.

Since September ERSA has made representations about the sector’s ideas to make Kickstart work – based on experience of  previous delivery, previous recessions, working with young people and lots of new brilliant ideas. ERSA will continue to reach out with solutions.

ERSA will deliver a special briefing for Kickstart Community Forum members on Friday 29 January at 10am to update on the recent changes to the scheme. DWP have provided some FAQs that relate to the announcement. Join the meeting via the ERSA Kickstart Community Chat or email us at events@ersa.org.uk

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What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme is an ambitious £2bn employment programme for young people with the potential to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for 16-24 year olds who are currently on Universal Credit, and at risk of long-term unemployment. Roles provided through the scheme are more than just jobs, and employers must also provide practical training and skills that will help the young person’s future. We provide a single payment of £1,500 per Kickstart to support start-up costs and to contribute towards employability support.

Since the Scheme’s launch in September, there are already 120,000 Kickstart jobs that would not exist without the scheme.

What is changing today?

We are making it easier for employers of all sizes to benefit from joining the scheme, by removing the limit requiring they create a minimum of 30 vacancies in order to be able to apply directly. We have made this change because we know that this threshold was a barrier to making an application for many employers. This will allow us to bring on board a greater number of employers, creating many more exciting opportunities for young people.

Employers who want support to get involved with the scheme can continue to partner with one of our many Gateway organisations such as a Local Authority or Chamber of Commerce. Gateways can help provide a local connection and the necessary wrap around support which is a hallmark of Kickstart. DWP welcomes existing Gateways continuing to apply to add more jobs and employers over the life of the scheme.

Since applications opened in September, there are now more than 600 approved gateways covering many sectors and all parts of the country. With so many Gateways already approved, we are closing applications for new Gateways from 23:59 on Wednesday 27 January. If we identify any emerging gaps where employers need more support, we may invite further applications.  

How can you get involved?

Employers of all sizes and from all sectors – including the charity sector and social enterprises – are being encouraged to sign up as the government redoubles its efforts to create jobs for young people.

Further information

Kickstart Community Forum

Check out the Community Forum page for more information and resources relating to Kickstart Scheme, including latest FAQs document (25 January)Image removed.