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About the sponsor:

Mums supporting mums – Everything we do is authentic and central to helping mums achieve their career goals.

We educate – The skills gained when you become a mum are invaluable in the world of work. We are empowering women, carving new careers and educating employers to recognise these skills.

We grow together – The women we support are on a learning journey full of new ideas, a growth mindset and career and business options they didn’t even know existed. We support our mums long after the courses are completed and beyond.

There is always a way – We believe that there is always a solution to any problem, big or small. We encourage creative and forward thinking, embrace change and come up with better solutions

Positivity and people – We are positive and look for the best in people. We don’t hold grudges. We ask questions, we network and we surround ourselves with “can do” people.

The power of the first step – We encourage our mums to take small steps towards their goals and to build daily mindset and behaviour habits that, over time, will have a big impact on their outlook, their career and their life.

We inspire – We’re passionate about providing positive role models for working mums and helping them gain the confidence and skills to achieve their dreams. We aim to make every one of the women we support walk taller through life.

All our values are epitomised not just by the learners on our courses, but by every single member of the wonderful team behind Successful Mums too. There are 10 of them working tirelessly behind the scenes. We couldn’t do it without them.

Employers showing exceptional commitment by partnering with providers in their area, supporting disadvantaged and long-term unemployed jobseekers

  • Spectrum Service Solutions Limited – nominated by Capita
  • Spectrum Service Solutions Limited engaged with JETS in Scotland via our supply chain partner The Lennox partnership in Glasgow as they were interested in the help that JETS could provide to them in terms of fee free recruitment. Spectrum from day one of engagement embraced the alternative recruitment methodology to circumnavigate the national lock down during Covid 19 and attended the Lennox Partnership recruitment days. These were (and continue to be) all digital, with each employer having 5 mins with each interested JETS participant to meet them, go through the participant ‘Elevator Pitches’ and get a feel for the fit with their business. Once the ‘speed date’ element was complete spectrum then had a further conversion with the participants and reviewed CV’s, location, hours required by the participant and potential start dates and any adjustments needed. Spectrum have recruited 14 JETS in Scotland participants so far, via this method (attending digital recruitment events). All 14 have reached outcome and all are still employed by Spectrum. Spectrum have transformed their recruitment methods and tell us they will never return to traditional recruitment via CV review, selection and interview are now much more interested in the person first and what they can bring to their business. Spectrum have demonstrated flexibility, a positive people focused fresh approach to recruitment.
  • Greggs – nominated by the Down’s Syndrome Association
  • The Down’s Syndrome Association’s WorkFit employment programme has been working with Greggs since June 2016. We are nominating Greggs for the ERSA Employer of the year award for their outstanding efforts in creating long term sustainable paid work opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome. Greggs have demonstrated a true commitment to supporting a range of jobseekers under their Fresh Start scheme. Over 6 years, Greggs have developed 21 opportunities across South and Mid Wales. From 21 opportunities created, 20 people are still in employment with Greggs. These individuals love their jobs, value the opportunity they have been given and feel part of a team. This demonstrates Greggs’ commitment to training, development, upskilling and creating a great team environment. Greggs have welcomed WorkFit training across every shop with Greggs area managers, shop managers and Fresh Start Head office staff attending at some point. They have adapted their recruitment and training processes to be truly inclusive, for example: – Interview process is welcoming and informal. Site visit includes family members and the information is presented in an accessible way. – Roles are “carved” out to suit the individual. Hours of work being flexible with room to do more or less if required. Tasks are considered around the skills and abilities of the jobseeker with reasonable adjustments offered if needed. – Training and development is done at the pace that best suits the individual and Greggs have taken guidance around how this training is delivered. – WorkFit candidates are part of the “Greggs family” and are included in all social activities. – WorkFit reviews are welcomed and encouraged and feedback on development and training considered with career development a focus. – Area managers regularly contact WorkFit to discuss new shops and further opportunities.
  • Michael Page – nominated by Genius Within CIC
  • Neurodivergent people have many specialist skills to offer potential employers. Persuading businesses to recognise that fact is part of the mission of Genius Within. And in recruitment specialists Michael Page it has found a company that shares its vision and is committed to helping match those unique talents to the needs of both its own business and its employer clients. In less than a year, the two businesses have forged a strong partnership, initiated by Michael Page Consultant Kim Bowler whose personal experience led her to seek a stream of neurodiverse jobseekers. She says: “I have a brain injury and when initially I was injured I did a Back to Work course with a charity. It was absolutely brilliant, but there was no one to catch me once I’d completed it. So I thought it would be helpful to be part of the path back to paid employment for people who were finding the traditional methods tricky.” With practical, specialist neurodiversity support from Genius Within, Michael Page has adapted its recruitment methods to make them more neurodivergent-friendly, such as letting applicants know interview questions in advance to ease anxiety. It also advises its employer clients of reasonable adjustments they can make to get the best from those with neurodiverse conditions. One of the first to benefit from the relationship was Andre who is now working directly with Michael Page’s MD as a data analyst. Genius Within’s Kate Omonigho Pearson says: “I feel safe in sending our jobseekers to Michael Page because I know they are going to do right by them and make sure they are OK. “I’ve had some moving phone conversations with people who were feeling ‘heard’ by a recruiter for the first time. As a consultant this is rewarding. As a human being, it’s humbling.”
  • Diageo – nominated by ENABLE Scotland
  • Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol, but they are also a leader when it comes to their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Their ambitious goals for 2030 in terms of E,D&I and their commitment to the community they serve is at the forefront of the company’s growth and development plans. Their plans include initiatives which involve e.g. championing gender and ethnic diversity in leadership roles; ensuring their values are mirrored in their supply chain; increasing employability and improving livelihoods by providing skills programmes to 200,000 people. Diageo have created new recruitment pathways and opportunities within the company, for people who may otherwise have not applied, or would not have been able to demonstrate their skills fully. Diageo have developed ‘We are All Able’, a 6 month fully paid internship programme across a variety of roles in Operations, Engineering and Office environments. This programme offers young people with disabilities, the opportunity to gain paid work experience and develop technical and employability skills, with many progressing on to permanent opportunities within Diageo. To support the aims of We Are All Able and the ambitions of the organisation to create an inclusive workplace culture, Diageo have embarked on a disability awareness education programme, partnering with ENABLE Works, Scotland’s largest specialist provider of employability, skills, and training services. ENABLE Works work with 2,000 employers each year to understand disability issues, adopt inclusive workplace practices and increase the diversity of Scotland’s workforce. ENABLE Works developed bespoke training programme for Diageo staff giving an understanding of disability issues, ensuring they are able to confidently support disabled colleagues and promotes a positive and inclusive workplace culture. Diageo, ambitious in their commitment to D&I, are leading the way in actively promoting equality in the workplace and should be regarded as a benchmark for other employers.
  • Matrix – nominated by Hackney Council
  • Matrix is an organisation with a focus on connecting people to jobs and is contracted by organisations like Hackney council to manage their temporary recruitment. Over the last 12 months+, they have formed a partnership with Hackney Works (the council’s employment support service) to help them to connect more residents who are out of work or underemployed with temporary council opportunities. Part of this has involved their social value team delivering an extensive employability training programme to help prepare candidates to apply for these roles (and roles outside the Matrix supply chain). The provision has been tailored for Hackney residents, including adjusted sessions specifically for supported employment clients with learning disabilities. In the last year, Hackney Works has connected more than 50 residents to quality temporary opportunities in the council through this partnership, and the numbers continue to grow. These opportunities are also good routes to more permanent employment. I understand that Matrix has business partners all over the country and their social value team runs employability support for their clients and their communities across the country.
  • NSL  – nominated by The Growth Company
  • With more than a decade of working relationships with The Growth Company (GC), NSL, the UK’s leading provider of civil parking enforcement services, is committed to providing employment opportunities for harder-to-reach individuals across Greater Manchester. During this time, NSL and GC have helped over a hundred unemployed individuals secure lasting, sustainable employment. Many candidates have been promoted to more senior roles within NSL or progressed within other organisations. With the focus on supporting individuals from priority groups, NSL help candidates get back on track and gain employment whilst actively promoting social values, as well as corporate and social responsibility. NSL has also joined the Disability Confident Scheme, which challenges attitudes towards disability and ensures that disabled people can fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations. The company is also participating in the Kickstart scheme by offering opportunities to young unemployed individuals. As a diversity-led employer, NSL is always keen to engage with a variety of individuals, particularly those in the 50+ age group and offers jobs for candidates with barriers to employment such as learning difficulties and health conditions. The company supports candidates with difficult conditions at every step and makes reasonable adjustments to help them to secure sustainable employment. Partnered with GC, NSL participated in three sector-based work academy programmes (SWAPs) this year, provided a guarantee for interviews to all candidates who attended (23 in total) and offered employment at the end of the courses to 13 people. In 2020, when an International Woman’s Day event was held in Manchester, NSL focused on unemployed females. Understanding the barrier to employment because of their role in the family, NSL recruited more females by introducing more flexible shifts and part-time opportunities to achieve a more balanced workforce. Its current ratio of females at work is 1:2.
  • SOCOTEC – nominated by Fedcap Employment
  • An innovative new partnership to support people with complex health needs and disabilities is leading to sustainable employment which is transforming lives – and an employer’s mindset.  After being approached by Fedcap Employment’s Intensive Personalised Employment Support service, SOCOTEC has hired a number of people and established a pipeline to draw in many more as it benefits from being a more diverse and inclusive employer with dedicated new employees.   Its first employee to benefit from the partnership is set for a promotion, reflecting the clear lines of progression for people joining the UK-wide testing and compliance service.   Yet SOCOTEC had to come up with a novel idea just to keep driver Nigel Mitchell in work after he suffered a diabetic collapse.  SOCOTEC installed a fridge in Nigel’s van so that he can store food and medicine for his complex diabetic needs.  “This has meant I can continue and stay in the job I love,” said a highly motivated Nigel, who had previously not worked for seven years.   SOCOTEC’s active partnership with Fedcap is giving job seekers from all walks of life, with all sorts of challenges, the opportunity to find sustainable employment and careers.  And with a target of hiring two Fedcap customers per month, the partnership is going from strength to strength.   Lisa Massey, HR Director at SOCOTEC, said: “Irrespective of an individual’s needs they should feel that they can be included in an everyday working environment. Organisations can always adapt and accommodate, and we should fully utilise the talents they have got. We have to be brave.” Becky Smith, from Fedcap, said: “It’s great that this big, national organisation has come on-board to support people who have a health condition or disability.  “Hopefully other employers will be inspired by the difference that SOCOTEC is making to people’s lives.”