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The government has published a ‘Framework for Delivery’ for Traineeships. Traineeships are designed to support young people to develop the skills and workplace experience they need to gain apprenticeships or other sustainable employment. The Framework provides guidance to providers on the aims and future direction of the proposed Traineeships programme and ERSA welcomes this opportunity to support those young people not in employment, education or training.

ERSA responded to the Traineeships consultation earlier this year and is pleased to see many of our recommendations reflected in the Framework. In summary:

  • The Framework outlined that providers who currently deliver provision for 16-19 year olds and hold a contract with the Education Funding Agency will be able to deliver traineeships.
  • Traineeships will be seen as a route towards apprenticeships and other job opportunities and will  be available for young people aged 16-19 and for young people with Learning Difficulty Assessments up to academic age 25 from August 2013. Government will then look to extend traineeships to young people aged up to 24, with a timetable to be agreed in due course.
  • ERSA is pleased to note that the three key elements of the programme, work experience, building key skills and work preparation are all present within the Framework.
  • We are also pleased that  government agrees with our position that Traineeships should be flexible to address the needs of individuals and encapsulate the needs of local labour markets. This flexible approach will maximise the appeal of the programme to employers and increase the amount of Traineeships which can be made available to young people.
  • ERSA is encouraged to see that, while employers offering work experience placements will be obliged to offer a final interview and feedback at the end of the placement, the interview will not have to be specifically for a job or apprenticeship opportunity. ERSA believes this will maximise the number of employers who can participate.


Traineeships framework

ERSA’s response to the Traineeships consultation