UK workers are stuck in a low-pay, low-productivity rut, with far too many people working in poor quality, insecure jobs, with little training or chance of getting on. In their new book ‘Idleness’, Katy Jones and Ashwin Kumar question the mantra that “work is the best way out of poverty” and examine the in-work poverty that now defines employment for many.

The state’s engagement with people out of work is shown to ignore the needs of lone parents and disabled people, and has little concern for skills and career progression. When coupled with the degradation of social infrastructure, such as child care and transport, the barriers to quality work can become insurmountable. Jones and Kumar’s insightful analysis reveals the need to move away from positioning unemployment as a “behavioural problem” to be corrected by coercive labour market policies to one that considers the wider obstacles to better paid, quality jobs.

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Idleness: book launch with Katy Jones and Ashwin Kumar
Join Katy and Ashwin on 1 November from 5-6.30pm in Manchester for debate and discussion, followed by a drinks reception  | Register in advance here. 

This event is co-hosted by the Decent Work and Productivity Research Centre and the Social Policy Association’s Employment and Social Security Policy Group.

Katy Jones is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Decent Work and Productivity at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has previously held research positions at The Work Foundation (part of Lancaster University) and the University of Salford. She has published widely on topics including youth unemployment, homelessness, welfare conditionality and skills.

Ashwin Kumar is Professor of Social Policy at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has previously worked as Chief Economist at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Senior Economic Advisor at the Department for Work and Pensions and as an economic advisor to Gordon Brown.