National Apprenticeships Week (NAW) 2022
‘Build the Future’
Mon 7
th Feb 2021 – Sun 13th Feb 2022

Campaign focus

The campaign focuses on two key areas: 

How apprenticeships can help to ‘Build the Future’: The theme for this year, as set out by the Government, is ‘Build the Future’. Seetec Outsource works with apprentices from a wide range of industries. Taking place between the 7th and 13th of February, NAW encourages everyone to consider the positive impact that apprenticeships can have on businesses, individuals, communities and the wider economy.

How apprenticeships are supporting the aviation industry’s post-COVID recovery: One of the hardest hit industries during the Covid-19 pandemic has been aviation. With the help of Seetec Outsource, apprentices are playing an important role in helping the industry to take-off again. Seetec Outsource will be focusing on the aviation industry this year to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022.

Aviation Spotlight

The UK inbound tourism industry, which is worth £28.4 billion, has experienced tough restrictions, with ever changing requirements for testing to fly along with a traffic light system which has only recently been removed.

Domestic travel was down by 75% in 2020, in comparison to 2019. As a result of an uncertain two years for the industry, furlough or redundancy has been common amongst companies in aviation. Therefore, Seetec Outsource is looking to aviation apprentices to ‘Build the Future’ of the aviation industry, offering a wide range of apprenticeships from ground operations and cabin crew to aircraft maintenance and engineering.

Seetec Outsource has sector experts as well as current aviation apprentices and employers available for interview



Elissa Hennessy-Boyle, 2Excel, Doncaster – Level 3 Aviation Ground Specialist

After finishing her A Levels in June, Elissa changed her mind about university and started to look at an apprenticeship with Seetec Outsource instead.

Elissa’s role involves calculating flight plans, validating them with Air Traffic Control, calculating fuel requirements, and the passenger detail. Many of the charter flights she arranges involve VIPs and football teams.

She said: “I really like the job because no two days are the same. I’m so glad I didn’t go to university. Being in work and being able to earn money suits me. Ultimately my ambition is to become an air traffic controller. I’m hoping I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned here to move onto that in the future.”

Jordan Morris, 2Excel, Doncaster – Level 3 Aviation Ground Specialist 

Jordan Morris works as an apprentice operations controller for 2Excel at Doncaster Airport. With a lifelong interest in aircraft, he has secured the perfect job.

“My apprenticeship is really good. When I started, I’d been out of education for eight years, and I wasn’t sure how I would take to it. But our assignments relate to real-life situations.

“We run charter flights, operating King Air planes with up to seven passengers, through to Boeing 737s. We arrange flights for Premier League football teams, rugby teams and bands. We even did a flight for the England Under-21 football team. I’m really into football, so that was exciting.”

Miles Weekes, Gama Aviation, Bournemouth – Level 4 Aeronautical Engineering Apprentice

For Miles Weekes, 23, living under the Heathrow Airport flight path in Maidenhead – and close to a grass airfield – meant he grew up watching planes ranging from large passenger jets to small piston engine aircraft.

Miles’ advice to those at school or college considering their next steps is to look at what apprenticeships are available. “You will come out with equivalent qualifications to those gained at university.”

Miles is clear about his future aspirations: “My goal is to travel with my qualifications and explore the world, working in Europe, America and maybe Australia.”

Aviation experts: 

Alex Durand, CEO, SaxonAir

SaxonAir is one of many charter flight operators which were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. But the Norwich-based business, launched in 2007, has seized the opportunity to focus on the workforce skills needed to succeed and grow.

Alex Durand, SaxonAir’s CEO, explained: “During the pandemic, we lost 95% of our income. We are now trying to get apprenticeships as fit for purpose as they can be for our sector. We want them to be shaped and moulded to the work we do.”

Alex believes the Government is starting to recognise the contribution the aviation industry makes to the economy and global connectivity. Louise Campbell, HR Director, 2Excel 

Group HR Director Louise Campbell explained that as the business now plans for growth, apprenticeships are at the core of its talent strategy.

“On the engineering side, we have an ageing workforce, with many of our skilled engineers heading towards retirement.

“We risk losing that knowledge and experience, and as an industry there is a real struggle to recruit and fill aircraft engineering vacancies. What could be better than hiring apprentices, so those due to retire can share their expertise?”

Seetec Spokespeople: 

Nikki Bardsey – Director of Apprenticeship & Skills Operations

Nikki has over 21 years’ experience in the apprenticeship and skills arena. For the past eighteen years Nikki has worked for high-profile grade 2 training providers, specialising in the development and delivery of high-quality apprenticeship programmes.

“Apprenticeships provide skills for life and give businesses the opportunity to build resilience for growth.”

Lloyd DeVal, Director of Sector Skills

Lloyd is passionate about apprenticeship provision that is core to employers’ businesses, creating systems that address skills shortages that are wholly aligned to the environment in which they are to be deployed.

“As an employee-owned business, we are passionate about driving social mobility and improving the life chances for all. We are committed to providing a route for people of all abilities and backgrounds to progress in the workplace and apprenticeships are a great option.”

Apprenticeships Delivered

Seetec Outsource delivers a range of aviation and advanced engineering apprenticeships. These include:

Level 2 

Aviation Ground Operative

Level 3 

Aircraft Maintenance Fitter/Technician

Cabin Crew

Aviation Ground Specialist

Level 4

Aircraft Certifying Technician

Aviation Operations Manager

Further information about apprenticeships in aviation can be found here:

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