4OC, with our partner 50 Degrees, have consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients in the Bid Management and Contract Mobilisation space. To date, we have mobilised over £5bn of new government contracts, so you can rest assured that we bring the experience you need.

We make complex change simple. The Welfare to Work sector is an area with which many of us have been closely involved for many years and we have applied what we’ve learned to put a simple framework around what you do. As part of this ERSA conference, we are delighted to have been invited to present our Contract Mobilisation Masterclass, in which we will share our experience of how to win and crucially, effectively mobilise employability programmes.

Join a Contract Mobilisation Masterclass

Get some expert hints and tips to help your next new contract get off to a flying start!

Run by 4OC’s Fran Hoey, an experienced operator and mobilisation lead, this engaging and practical session will cover:

  1.  Planning from the bidding stage
  2. Investment decisions – the balancing of financial v delivery risk
  3. Themes of a successful contract mobilisation
  4. The importance of post go-live stabilisation
  5. Open questions and answers

This workshop is ideal for anyone involved in setting up new programmes, including contract managers, senior leaders and project managers. Fran will be sharing practical best practice and invaluable advice on avoiding some of the common pitfalls (he’s fallen down most of them during his extensive career!).

Join the first in a series of masterclasses as part of ERSA’s Youth Employment Conference on 22 February, register in advance for joining links