When people get the right support from the benefits system it can be life changing. However too often those of us with mental health problems are going without the support we need.

Our report sets out what we’ve heard from hundreds of people with mental health problems, and sets out a case for five changes that would make sure the benefits system treats all of us with dignity and respect.

  1. An independent regulator for the benefits system would redress the imbalance of power, which leaves so many of us struggling to challenge inaccurate decisions.
  2. A clearer route to long-term awards would reduce the burden of repeated assessments on people who are already unwell.

Giving people more choice over the method of assessment would help make sure that all

  1. disabled people have the opportunity to put their case across and get a fair hearing.
  2. An independent commission led by disabled people would give people with experience of the system a role in designing the future of disability benefits assessments.
  3. An end to benefit sanctions for disabled people would give people who are unable to work the financial security and peace of mind needed to stay well and move forward with their lives

All of us should be able to turn to a benefits system that’s there when we need it. We should know that we’ll get a fair hearing, that we’ll be listened to and taken seriously. Benefits should give us the security we need to focus on moving forward with our lives. Download the report to find out more about how we can get there.

Download the full report: https://www.mind.org.uk/media/6483/people-not-tick-boxes-october2020.pdf