1. Make yourself known to your local lead authority/authorities

  • The full list of lead local authorities can be found here.
  • The Investment Plan submission window is open from 30 June to 1 August 2022. This is when lead local authorities will submit requests for the funding window: April 2022 to March 2025.
  • “In England, places will be able to select people and skills interventions from 2024-2025 onwards, or earlier where they meet the voluntary sector considerations outlined here.”
  • “In recognition of their specific circumstances, places in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be able to select interventions from the people and skills investment priority from 2022-2023.”
  • Make sure that local authorities know about the important work you do and when your current European-funded projects end.
  • Make your case to be included in Investment Plan submissions, using these interventions, outputs and indicators.

2. Get involved in Local Partnership Groups 

  • “Places should establish or designate a local partnership group to consult when developing their investment plan.”
  • By getting involved in local partnership groups, you will be able to make your case for funding heard by those who will be submitting investment plans.
  • Between April and May 2022, engagement sessions with local authorities and other local partners will take place to support the investment plan process.
  • Seek an active interest in the Investment Planning stage.

3. Don’t let your work go unnoticed!

  • Accessing the UK Shared Prosperity Fund relies on local authorities understanding the work you do and the people you support.
  • Be proactive – now is the time to make yourselves heard.
  • Specifically evidence the priorities/challenges of local people.
  • Contact people in your local areas who can help influence for you:
    • MPs;
    • Councillors;
    • Local enterprise partnerships
    • Local press;
    • Local Councils for Voluntary Service.

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