Triangle highlights need to change the thinking driving the service delivery system

The ideas driving social provision are steering it off course, says Triangle’s report. As the service delivery system adapts its operations and enters recovery mode after the disruption of the pandemic, Triangle, the social enterprise behind the Outcomes StarTM suite of tools, has synthesised 20 years of learning about how people change and come to […]

ERSA welcomes publication of DWP Commissioning Strategy

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Today ERSA welcomes the publication of the DWP Commissioning Strategy and is pleased to see a large number of its recommendations incorporated into the design principles for future employment services. In particular, ERSA welcomes the Department’s recognition that future programmes should have a stronger service fee element in relation to harder to help jobseekers and […]

ERSA calls for ‘Evolution not Revolution’ in future welfare to work scheme

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The Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), the sector body for the welfare to work sector, has today launched a report calling for ‘evolution not revolution’ in the design of future programmes for the long term unemployed.  The report, unveiled at ERSA’s annual national conference in London, makes the case for a number of important new […]

ERSA statement on the ‘Help to Work’ scheme

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In response to the announcement by the chancellor that jobseekers who are still unemployed after two years of the Work Programme, will be referred to a new scheme called ‘Help to Work’, Kirsty Mchugh, Chief Executive of ERSA said: “ERSA welcomes the government’s recognition of the need for post Work Programme support and we are […]

DWP publishes 2013 Commissioning Strategy consultation

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The DWP has today issued a consultation on its Commissioning Strategy for future employment support provision, which will run until 27 September.  The new consultation aims to gather stakeholder views on future commissioning of employment services, drawing on experiences of existing provision. It is composed of 14 questions requesting feedback on all areas of commissioning […]