More job openings than unemployed people for the first time in 50 years

Latest labour market figures released by ONS on 17 May 2022. With 1.3 million vacancies and a 3.7% unemployment rate at the end of March, “our labour market seems to be recovering well with payroll numbers growing once again and vacancies remaining strong” says Minister for Employment, Mims Davies MP . ONS remains reserved and […]

ERSA welcomes latest labour market statistics


ERSA welcomes the final set of labour market statistics for the year, with unemployment down by over 100,000 and with the rate at 4.8%. Employment did however fall overall by 6,000 this quarter and economic inactivity rose by 76,000. More positively, female employment was up 43,000 this quarter and 229,000 on the year. Sam Windett, […]