How many members does ERSA have?
As of May 2023, ERSA has around 300 membership organisations. View the membership directory here.

What are the best reasons for joining ERSA?
There are many reasons organisations choose to join membership. Members enjoy, helping influence policy, improve the design and delivery of employment related services, being a useful source of information and advice, networking opportunities and collaborative working and partnership plus access to local and national communities of good practice. ERSA members are a social force for good. Read more. 

Does ERSA have any political affiliations?
No. ERSA is an apolitical organisation with no affiliation to any party. Since ERSA was established in 2005 ERSA has worked with the current government of the day bringing solutions for the challenges of the day.

Does ERSA have any input into Government policy on employment support issues?
ERSA offers a collective voice for the employment support sector. Working with the government of the day bringing solutions to meet the need of working aged people. ERSA has regular contact with policy makers and commissioners to support market engagement, sharing best practice and solutions for better work.

How do members have a voice in ERSA policies and campaigns?
ERSA is governed by a board of directors, elected to the board to represent its membership. Through this governance plus regular communications with the ERSA membership with calls for evidence and offers to support our work. Get in touch with the team if you have an idea, solution, or something to share via

How does ERSA communicate with members?
ERSA regularly sends out bulletins and special invites to in person and online events.

How are Board members chosen?
ERSA is governed by an elected board of directors. Your organisation must be an ERSA member to be eligible. Standing for the ERSA board is straightforward, the process is self-nomination, you or the key contact at your organisation submit the form on your behalf. Each nominee will be asked to provide a written statement outlining the reasons they should be elected – this is the main vehicle for nominees to canvass support from members. Written statements will be sent to the key contact at each organisation who will cast their vote.

Is ERSA a charity?
ERSA is a not-for-profit, currently in the final stages of becoming a registered charity, this is expected to be completed in 2023. ERSA will use our charitable status to support the employment support sector.

Is there a minimum company size/turnover to join ERSA? Can individuals join?
No. ERSA is the trade body for the employment support sector, we do not have individuals in membership. Membership starts from £300 for 12 months of membership with unlimited access to ERSA services, events and discounts.

How much does membership cost?
Membership starts from £300 for each 12 months of membership, find out which band you will start on.

How is membership money spent?

ERSA is currently a not-for-profit organisation, which means we invest any profits we make to support the activities that help us achieve our aims.

How long does membership last?
ERSA membership starts when first payment is received and lasts for 12 months, auto renewed automatically thereafter.

How do I join?
Joining ERSA is simple, check which subscription band your organisation falls into, complete our online application form and the team will confirm by email, sending an invoice for payment by return.

How do I cancel my membership?
ERSA membership can be cancelled by emailing 30 days before your subscription is due to end.