UPDATE: Kickstart collaborations at a local level

ERSA has been asked to build local Kickstart partnerships by collating interest at a local level and facilitating introductions. In order to do this we need you to send us the details of which Jobcentres you would cover, and whether you want to be an Intermediary, a Kickstart employer and/or provide employment support to Kickstart participants.

More information on how to get involved is here https://ersa.org.uk/kickstartlocal

Following on from the Building Partnerships series we are now launching ERSA Partnerships. An ERSA Member service.

The ERSA Partnerships survey gives organisations the chance to connect with other organisations delivering or planning to deliver local provisions, it is an opportunity to collaborate and share good practice. This could be an existing provision for example a Youth Employment delivery organisation in Cornwall could twin with one in Cumbria.

Or you may be planning new provision, for example writing a proposal for a Women’s Employment project in your local area. An organisation in Birmingham could twin with one in Newcastle and consider if they could collaborate, joint bid write, share costs etc.

ERSA Partnerships will facilitate introductions, then it is up to you. Want to meet others?

Please complete the survey here

Some of ERSA’s Building Partnerships member profiles can be found here https://ersa.org.uk/memberprofiles